Dr. Young Kim

Dr. Young Min Kim grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. He fell in love with Virginia while completing his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech. It was there that he met his better half, Mindy. Afterward, Dr. Kim obtained his Master’s degree in Physiology and DDS degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. To further his training, he completed a General Practice Residency at Ohio State University. Dr. Kim’s life did not always revolve around dentistry. Prior to becoming a dentist, his family business was running a gourmet chocolate shop. While working there, he was able to channel his creativity into making chocolate. As a dentist, he uses that same creativity to help make healthy smiles!

Dr. Kim highly values continuing education. The more he delves into dentistry, the more apparent it has become that dentistry is a life-long learning process. Through persistent training, Dr. Kim’s goal is to become a proficient and knowledgeable clinician. His passion is to educate his patients about their treatment options, so that they may feel empowered to choose what is best for them. Beyond the technical aspects of dentistry, Dr. Kim enjoys meeting and befriending his patients. He cherishes these relationships, as it gives him an opportunity to get to know the individual behind the smile. His goal is to listen to his patients’ concerns, while ensuring they are comfortable with the care he provides for them.

Outside of the office, Dr. Kim and his wife enjoy hiking, camping, and going to the beach with their dogs, Scout and Dakota. He also enjoys watching movies, playing the guitar, and video games. Dr. Kim is a firm believer that no one is ever too old for video games! Dr. Kim is also passionate about community outreach. He has been involved in programs such as Dentistry from the Heart, Give Kids a Smile, Mission of Mercy, and Special Olympics: Special Smiles.