4 Things to Know About Oral Surgery and Dental Emergencies

dental emergencyYou’re having lunch, and when you take a hearty bite of a crispy appetizer you hear a strange sound. Something doesn’t feel right. Then the pain sets in.

Next thing you know, you’re at the dentist and hearing the news: you need an emergency dental procedure. Here are 4 things to remember if you have a dental emergency, or if you find that it is recommended for you to have oral surgery of some kind.

Types of Dental Surgery
There many kinds of procedures for a dental emergency. Dental procedures include crowns and caps, an implant, an oral bone graft or a surgical tooth extraction, among others. The prospect of oral surgery in the case of a dental emergency is not the type news anyone wants to hear. But it will help to take care of the pain and help to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

Dental Surgery To Restore Your Smile
If you are anxious or hesitant about visiting the dentist, but you don’t like the way your teeth look, you are not the only one. In fact, many adults deliberately do not smile for this very reason. A visit to an oral surgeon who specializes in sedation dentistry, even if it is not a dental emergency, can help you with this by using veneers as well as some other options that might be available to you.

Dental Surgery To Fill in the Gaps
Are you missing a tooth? Or teeth in one or both of your jaws? Well, if so, you are not alone. There are reportedly over 35 million Americans with this problem. But there is no need to keep your hand over your mouth for the rest of your life. A dentist can fill that gap with a crown or bridge replacement.

Dental Surgery To Maintain Gum and Bone Health
There must be something special about dental implants: 3 million people already have a tooth implant today. And the number is growing every year, with 500,000 more people having implants annually. It is an alarming fact that 33% of men and 25% of all adults do not brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing, flossing and rinsing are the keys to great oral health and a dazzling smile. Taking care of your teeth also helps take care of your gums and your bones, too.

Today, all the advances in general dentistry and oral surgery make it possible to make sure you take care of your oral health. Good dental health has an impact on overall health, including digestion and nutrition. It is also important to know that taking good care of your teeth impacts your overall appearance and how your teeth look, too. So, if you do experience a dental emergency, be confident in knowing that the professionals are there with dental procedures to help you heal and restore your smile quickly.