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bondingGot chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth?

Loudoun Dental Associates can help.

Loudoun Dental Associates thinks bonding might be right for you.

A conservative, less intrusive way to repair damaged teeth, bonding is a process that involves a white filling placed onto the tooth; the filling then bonds (Hence the name.) to and with the tooth, resulting in a seamless appearance.

Tooth bonding can also be used as an alternative for amalgam fillings on both front and back teeth, depending on the exact location and the extent of tooth decay present. Many of our dental patients now prefer bonded fillings, actually, because the white color is specifically formulated from a variety of available shades to closely match the appearance of the natural tooth.

Bonding is also less expensive than other restorative or cosmetic dental treatments, and often requires just one treatment to Loudoun Dental Associates. It should be noted, however, that bonding can stain and may break easier than porcelain veneers would. (Broken or chipped bonding can be easily repaired in one visit to your Stone Ridge cosmetic dentist.)

Interested in learning more about bonding?

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