treat_denturesAvailable in full or partial configurations, and usually made of acrylic resin, dentures may be the right solution to replace your missing or badly diseased teeth.

Conventional Full Dentures

Conventional full dentures are right for those patients who’ve had all of their teeth removed, and whose gums have had time to heal. This healing process can take a few months to complete, leaving you without teeth during this time, so more Aldie dental patients are choosing…

Immediate Full Dentures

With this new, alternative sort of denture treatment, your Loudoun Dental Associates dentist will take measurements and have dentures fitted to your mouth before extracting any teeth. The dentures will be placed immediately following tooth removal, so you’ll spend no time without teeth. Immediate dentures, however, do require refitting later as the shape of your jaw will change slightly as your mouth heals.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are an option for patients who’ve had some, but not all of their teeth removed. Partial dentures operate in a similar fashion as a bridge, but are not a permanent fixture and can be removed as necessary.

How are dentures made?

The process to fit, mold, and place dentures takes about a month and requires as many as five appointments. At the first visit, your Loudoun Dental Associates dentist will make his recommendation for extraction and dentures before then making an impression and a wax bite to determine vertical dimensions and proper jaw position. This information will be then sent to the dental laboratory so the dentures can be custom made to fit your mouth.

A mold or model will be made of your jaw, so your brand new teeth can be carved to exact specifications. Usually a “wax try-in” of the denture will be done at the dentist`s office so any adjustments can be made before the denture is completed.

Once finalized, your Dulles dentist will provide you with a fresh set of chompers, and care instructions, and send you away to chew, chew, chew like you haven’t chewed in far too long.

Ready to chew?

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