6 Simple and Easy Dental Procedures


There are many ways teeth can run awry in your mouth. Most of them aren’t painful; however, they can have an effect on your overall quality of life. Luckily, dental procedures have gone through many years of refinement, making most corrections very easy. Here are a few examples.

  1. Crown and Bridge Replacement
    Up to 15 million Americans have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth. Crowns are used to cover and protect damaged teeth. Bridges are typically implants that replace missing teeth, bridging the gap between other teeth.
  2. Discoloration
    Depending on the severity and cause of the discoloration, you might be able to simply follow a dentist recommended whitening program. Otherwise, you could always rely on veneers. These prosthetics essentially cover the front of your tooth, both protecting and covering the discoloration.
  3. Misalignment
    Braces are generally the first thing most people think of when it comes to improperly aligned teeth. They are very effective, to be sure, but not the most aesthetic way to fix a funky bite. Fortunately, there are many invisible aligners that can do the same things braces can in most cases.
  4. Cavity Fillings
    People aren’t always thrilled to go to the dentist’s for a filling. This is understandable, but getting a cavity filled is among the easiest procedures you can have.
  5. Chip Repair
    Again, if your front teeth are suffering a cosmetic issue, talk to your dentist about veneers. Depending on where the chipped tooth is in your mouth, you might need a cap instead.
  6. Gingivitis
    If you notice that your gums are bleeding when you brush your teeth, see a dentist as soon as possible. While highly treatable without surgery, leaving gum disease untreated is a quick way to bad oral hygiene.

Dental hygiene is too often thought of as an intimidating part of life. Demystifying the various dental procedures you might have to undergo just serves to further awareness of the importance of dental care. Healthy teeth can be important in every aspect of your life, so it helps to know a thing or two about your dental correction options. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your dentist today.