What to Expect at a Dental Checkup

April 26 2019 | Author: LdAEditoR

Dental checkups are essential in maintaining dental and oral health. Here’s what to expect at your first visit.

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What Dental Procedures Require Sedation? Here’s What to Expect

March 22 2019 | Author: LdAEditoR

It’s estimated that 15% of Americans are afraid of the dentist. Whether it’s because of a past experience or fear of dental procedures, sedation dentistry has become a popular method to help fearful patients cope with the stress of visiting the dentist. But dentists will also engage in sedation dentistry for a variety of other […]

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What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

February 18 2019 | Author: LdAEditoR

If you’re experiencing dental pain, your first step should be a trip to the dentist. However, some dental issues constitute more cause for emergency than others. Of course, if you think you have a dental emergency on your hands, it’s always a safe bet to visit your general dentist. Here are some of the most […]

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These Gross Facts About Teeth Will Make You Carry A Toothbrush Everywhere

January 18 2019 | Author: admin-loudon

Teeth are essential to our everyday life. Between eating, smiling, and getting food stuck in there, most of us take our chompers for granted until they have a problem. But our teeth are perhaps one of the most interesting components of our body, especially when it comes to gross bodily functions. Here are some of […]

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4 Things to Know About Oral Surgery and Dental Emergencies

December 28 2018 | Author: LdAEditoR

You’re having lunch, and when you take a hearty bite of a crispy appetizer you hear a strange sound. Something doesn’t feel right. Then the pain sets in. Next thing you know, you’re at the dentist and hearing the news: you need an emergency dental procedure. Here are 4 things to remember if you have […]

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