Fun Dental Facts That Will Get You Thinking

general dentist

For many, going to the dentist is just a bi-annual routine. Considering that half of all adults say they visit their general dentist every six months, chances are you go to get your teeth cleaned without even thinking about it.

But did you know that the condition of your teeth can actually say a lot about the rest of your body? Your teeth can tell your dentist a lot about your overall health, and your oral hygiene really can suffer if you forgo an appointment now and then. However, there’s a lot more to the dentist than just crowns and caps, fillings, and fluoride. Here are some fun facts about teeth that you may not have known.

  • People have been cleaning their teeth for thousands of years
    It’s true! There are records showing that people have been cleaning their teeth all the way back to 5,000 B.C., in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
  • But, Americans didn’t regularly brush their teeth until after World War II
    The trend came to be with the return of sailors and soldiers from around the world.
  • Men smile less than women
    The average man smiles just eight times a day, but women smile on average of 62 times a day. Children take the cake though — they reportedly smile 400 times daily!
  • Tooth enamel is the strongest material in the body
    It is said to be stronger than our bones but can easily wear away when it comes in contact with strong acids in food. This is why brushing your teeth is so important, because not only does it clean your teeth it gives them a protective coating against food.
  • Teeth are very vulnerable outside the mouth
    A tooth that has been knocked out starts to die within 15 minutes. But you can keep it in your mouth or in a cup of milk as a way to preserve it until you can see your general dentist.
  • Dental bacteria is varied
    There are over 300 types of bacteria that make up dental plaque. This comes from all over — food, drinks, even pollutants in the air you breathe.

Did these dental fun facts get you thinking? Hopefully next time you go to the dentist, you can impress them with your extensive knowledge of these mighty warriors.