LDA is Your Ashburn Family Dentist!

Loudoun Dental Associates is your local Ashburn family dentist. We provide patients of all ages with a variety of services from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and everything in between.

Dental Care For The Entire Family

Our dentists are trained and experienced in caring for patients of every age group. We can help children get started on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles. We help teens stay enthusiastic about their oral hygiene and we address oral issues that aging adults frequently experience. Our office is warm and inviting for both children and adults.

Communication is much easier when you feel comfortable with the people that are caring for you. Our team will take the time to get to know each member of your family, making it possible to provide individualized care. This has the added benefit of eliminating the need to explain family history or special situations over and over again.

Preventative Dental Care

The greatest benefit of preventative dental care is that your dentist can catch problems early, before they become a bigger issue. Tooth loss is typically preceded by a tooth infection, which can develop from an untreated cavity. Approximately 27% of all adults and 17% of all children in the U.S. have untreated dental cavities. When a cavity is caught in its early stages, it can be treated with a relatively inexpensive and quick procedure.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Family Dentist in Ashburn VAYour smile is one of your most prominent facial features. When you aren’t confident about your smile it can negatively affect your self-confidence and how others portray you. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a wide variety of treatment options for people wanting to enhance their smile. Loudoun Dental Associates utilizes the most modern dental technology in order to help you with a wide range of dental concerns. Cosmetic dentistry services include bonding, veneers, Invisalign and teeth whitening.

Loudoun Dental Associates can address all of your family’s dental needs in one, convenient location – perfect for those looking for dental care in Ashburn! Please contact us to schedule your next dental appointment.