Your Dulles Family Dentist Helps Keep That Smile In Tip Top Shape. Use It!

Smile! | Loudoun County family dentist


“Say cheese!”

“ 🙂 ”

Smiling is something everyone does every day, and it seems like such a simple thing, an involuntary reaction to something cute or funny or anything that makes you happy, but it’s really so much more. As your Dulles family dentist, we’re in the business of smiling and we think you should do it more often — for any number of reasons.

Smile more.

…because smiling is contagious.

It’s true. It’s a matter of science. When someone sees you smiling, something special is triggered deep inside the part of their brain that controls facial movement, and they can’t help but smile back. Even on your bad days, smile; others are likely to mimic the expression, the chain of smiles will continue, and you might even make a new friend or two (Research indicates that as many as 80 percent of us are more likely to talk to someone who smiles).

…because smiling lowers stress and anxiety.

Those bad days we just mentioned: We know it’s not easy to keep a smile on in the most stressful of situations, but try. You’ll thank us. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Kansas found that the basic act of smiling has the power to lower an individual’s stress response; study participants who smiled while recovering from stressful situations had lower heart rates than those who maintained a neutral facial expression. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed, smile.

…because smiling makes you happy.

Science! Smiling signals the brain to release endorphins, those wonderful chemicals that make you happy, and the same ones you get from working out or running. That’s the best news of all: You don’t have to run to be happy; all you have to do is smile.

…because smiling strengthens your immune system.

Smiling can strengthen your immune system by encouraging production of white blood cells to help your body fight illness. There have even been reports of sick children made healthier after visits from storytellers or puppeteers; can you believe it? A smile is a crazy, wonderful thing.

…because smiling will make you a better leader.

In a position of power? Or maybe you want to be? Smile. It’ll make you more likable, more trustworthy, and will inspire more confidence in the people around you. It’s true: Smiling is a more effective leadership technique than any great management responsibility you could be given.

Smiling lets you show off those pearly whites.

For all of these reasons, and simply because it’s fun: Smile. Show off those beautiful pearly white teeth, but hey — don’t forget they need a little TLC. Practice good oral hygiene, always, and visit Loudoun Dental Associates. For those of you who live in Prince William County you can visit our Manassas Dental Office or our Gainesville Dental Office.