These 3 Beverages Are the Reason You Have Yellow Teeth!

top dentists

It’s tempting to indulge during the holiday season. With all the extra food and drinks floating around at parties and celebrations, it’s easy to pack on a little extra holiday weight. But while many people start the new year with resolutions to diet and exercise, few people consider how all those holiday treats affected their teeth.

To ensure a bright, pearly white smile all year long, here are the three beverages you should avoid:

  1. Coffee
    Yes, we know it can be hard to imagine life without coffee (caffeine is mildly addictive, after all). That second cup of coffee may help you keep up with the kids, but it’s also going to stain your teeth. Coffee is full of tannins, which are what gives the beverage its dark color. According to top dentists, the dark coloring can transfer to the teeth, giving them a yellow hue. Coffee is also highly acidic, which causes it to eat away at enamel.
  2. Tea
    Tea is a common substitute for coffee, and while it is much less acidic, it does contain those pesky tannins that discolor your teeth. Different kinds of tea will leave different colored stains. For instance, green tea may leave your teeth a little gray, while black teas will stain them yellow. The good news is that high quality teas have fewer tannins, which means that if you want to cozy up by the fireplace with a cup of tea, you’ll have to dish out some extra dollars for the good stuff.
  3. Wine
    Red wine also contains those stain-causing tannins and, the red color can latch onto your teeth as well. Have you ever looked in the mirror after drinking a glass of red wine and noticed that your teeth or lips were stained purple? The solution, unfortunately, is not to stick to white wine. Contrary to popular belief, white wine is no better for your teeth than red. The best dentists know that white wine is actually more acidic than red wine, causing serious damage to your tooth enamel.

According to dentistry experts, you don’t have to give up your favorite beverages altogether this holiday season as long as you keep a glass of water and/or a toothbrush handy. Top dentists recommend that you drink water in between servings of the drinks listed above and brush your teeth as often as you can.

If you are among the 10% of people who regularly forget to brush their teeth, you probably should stick with water or milk. And don’t forget to visit your local dentist for a regular cleaning!