These Gross Facts About Teeth Will Make You Carry A Toothbrush Everywhere

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Teeth are essential to our everyday life. Between eating, smiling, and getting food stuck in there, most of us take our chompers for granted until they have a problem. But our teeth are perhaps one of the most interesting components of our body, especially when it comes to gross bodily functions.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about your teeth and brushing habits that will leave you carrying a toothbrush wherever you go.

Plaque moves quickly

Did you know plaque starts to form on your teeth within four hours after brushing? This is worsened if you eat particularly sugary or starchy foods. Too much plaque on your teeth will eventually turn to tartar which can lead to periodontal disease and issues with tooth decay. For example, it’s estimated that people who drink more than three glasses of sugary soda each day are 62% more likely to experience tooth decay and tooth loss. It’s no wonder crowns in Dulles VA have become so popular.

Keep in mind that plaque is gross in itself. It contributes to bad breath along with tooth decay and tooth loss. In fact, there are over 300 types of bacteria and germs all around us that make up the plaque in your mouth. Excuse us as we carry five toothbrushes with us wherever we go.

Most of us still engage in bad habits

It’s estimated that only half of adults visit their dentist every six months, which is the recommended amount for a healthy mouth. On top of that, nearly 25% of adults fail to brush their teeth twice per day, but this number increases if you’re a man — it’s estimated that 33% of men don’t brush their teeth more than once.

Even if we do manage to brush our teeth twice per day, most of us aren’t doing it for the recommended amount of time. We should really be brushing our teeth between two and three minutes, but most of us only brush for 45 seconds. As such, it’s estimated that one-third of adults will suffer from tooth decay at some point.

The history of teeth cleaning is…tumultuous

Humans have been concerned with oral hygiene and dentistry for millennia. Unfortunately, most of this general dentistry wasn’t grounded in modern science. As such, we relied on a few unique methods to clean our teeth.

Though the first toothbrush dates back to 3500 B.C., research has shown that we once used our fingers and even twigs to clean our teeth. Unfortunately, the history of brushing only got worse as time progressed. During the reign of the Roman Empire, people also rinsed their mouths with sterile urine to help kill bacteria. Around the same time period, Greeks and Romans tried to create the first toothpaste with a mixture of egg shells, bones, hooves, and ashes to clean their teeth before actual toothpaste hit the shelves. Nowadays, these methods would end with dental crowns in Dulles VA.

Taking care of our teeth is an essential part of our everyday routine. When you want to improve your oral health, rely on the top dentists in your area to make a difference in your smile. With the help of local dentists, Loudon Dental Associates, your smile can look like new again. Contact us today for veneers, implants, and crowns in Dulles VA.