Tips On How To Find A New Dentist In Loudoun County

Finding the right dental office for you or your family can be really difficult. There are quite a few dental practices in Loudoun County and there is no easy way to compare them all. Whether you are new to the area or looking to make a change, having the wrong dentist can cost you money and discourage you from maintain optimal oral health.

Here are some tips to make the process easier:

Ask your Family, Friends, Neighbors & Coworkers

Finding a dentist will be easier than you think, if you tap your network. Ask your friends and family. Ask your neighbors. Ask your coworkers. Most of these people have dentists and many of them will be happy to provide you their contact information.

Visit Their Website

  • Every reputable dentist office should have a website. From the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to check on things like:
  • Is the office located close by and is it convenient to get to?
  • Do the office hours work for your schedule?
  • What are the procedures in place if you have a dental emergency?
  • Where was the dentist trained and what certifications does he or she hold?
  • How are their reviews online?

Contact your Insurance Provider

If you have insurance, check with your provider for a list of the dentists in Loudoun County that accept your insurance. If you cross check this with the list of references your contacts gave you, you will quickly have a short list of people to check out.
This should reduce your list of potential dentists even further. At this point you might have only a handful of practices left interview. At this point you may choose to visit the office or schedule an appointment.

Visit the Dentist Office First

By visiting the dentist’s office, you’ll be able to see first-hand how it is. How is the environment? Is it inviting, friendly and clean? Are good hygienic practices in place? In a busy office you probably can’t just show up and take a tour; therefore, you should call ahead of time letting the staff know you are looking for a new dentist and you’d like to schedule a meeting before becoming a patient.

Hopefully you won’t be spending *too much* time at your dentist, at least twice a year for the foreseeable future, so it’s important to choose someone you like and are comfortable with. You should also ask questions about fees, the price of X-rays, oral exams and filling cavities can vary widely.

The dentist and their staff should cheerfully answer your questions and give you a tour of their office. After all, it is his or her job to make sure you understand any and all procedures you may undertake in the near future.

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