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2016 Dental Insurance Benefits: Use or Lose

November 14 2016 | Author: admin-loudon

Fall is one of the busiest seasons. Children and parents are still adjusting to the new school year, Fall sports for our kids are winding down and everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. With all this activity preoccupying your time, Loudoun Dental Associates wanted to remind all our friends to schedule their dentist […]

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Drink Green Tea For Your Oral Health!

October 18 2016 | Author: admin-loudon

Green tea is a treat for more than your taste buds. You know, you’ve seen the research. Green tea is a natural diuretic; it controls inflammation, and even contains properties to fight bacterial infection. You know, it’s super rich in antioxidants, and that it has a ton of great and natural health benefits, but did […]

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LDA Gives Back: Arlington Free Clinic Oral Health Program

September 15 2016 | Author: admin-loudon

The newest member of the Loudoun Dental Associates family, Dr. Monica Yavrom DDS serves the dental needs of patients in our Dulles dental office, but also the underserved as an active volunteer and a founding participant in the Arlington Free Clinic’s Oral Health program. For the 1,700 Virginians the AFC treats each year, the Oral […]

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Loudoun Dental Associates Welcomes Dr. Monica Yavrom, DDS

August 22 2016 | Author: admin-loudon

PRESS RELEASE Dulles, Virginia — August 18, 2016 Loudoun Dental Associates is excited to announce its Dulles dental team is expanding with the addition of a new general dentist, Dr. Monica Yavrom, DDS. Dr. Monica Yavrom has long demonstrated her commitment to public health as an active volunteer at the Arlington Free Clinic (AFC), which […]

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How Much Do You Really Know About Taking Care of Your Teeth?

July 18 2016 | Author: admin-loudon

Teeth. We eat with them, and we smile with them. But how much do we really know about taking care of them? 1. Super sour food/drink is as bad as super sweet food/drink. Sugar sits high atop the throne of dental villains, and if sugar is king, sour foods are queen. Acidic foods with low […]

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